My E̶n̶t̶r̶e̶ Intrapreneurial Journey: Research

  • Solving a pain point, a problem or an identified opportunity gap.
  • Have a business plan or project plan.
  • Know how to use limited resources innovatively for a new outcome
  • Evaluate risk/return to determine budget for execution
  • Pitch (Entrepreneurs to investors, Intrapreneurs to management)
Source: Professor Inderjit Singh, The Art & Science of Entrepreneurship
  1. Lack of Market Need (42%)
  2. Lack of Cash (29%)
  3. Wrong Team (23%)
  4. Too Much Competition (19%)
  5. Pricing Issues (18%)
  6. Poor Product (17%)
  7. Lack of Sound Business Model (17%)
  8. Ineffective Marketing (14%)
  9. Not Customer-Centric (14%)
  10. Poor Timing (13%)
My concept of knowledge and risk



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Dickson Lai

Dickson Lai

Senior Research Analyst at Bybit Crypto Insights | Certified Bitcoin Professional | Crypto Enthusiast & Investor