The Ask: Going for the kill

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

Over the past weeks, we were taught sales techniques, pitching techniques, marketing, and growth hacking techniques. One common thing among them that I realize is that there is always an ask or call the action at the end. After going through all the sharing, explanation, convincing, and whatnot, it is for a purpose and that purpose should be explicitly stated to my target audience.

I realize I might have been doing it all wrong. In the past, I was afraid of asking for what I want. I was afraid that I will offend the other party if I was to ask for something that they are not willing to give. This probably caused my target audiences to be confused and are not sure what I want from them. I lack confidence and I feared rejection. Probably, that is why in the past, I was not able to close too many deals.

Moving forward, before entering any meetings or pitching session, I have to be clear about my objectives — What do I want out of the session. I will make the conscious effort to be explicit with my request, but at the same time respectful. Even if I do get rejected, I will only be in the same state as where I started. There is not much to lose for asking, but much to gain if my request is granted.

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Dickson Lai

Senior Research Analyst at Bybit Crypto Insights | Certified Bitcoin Professional | Crypto Enthusiast & Investor